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The Best of Enemies Movie: Discover The Filming Locations

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Travel back to the 1970s in Durham, North Carolina with The Best of Enemies movie a political drama film written and directed by Robin Bissell that takes viewers on an incredible journey through a community during a time of racial unrest.

Inspired by Osha Gray Davidson’s non-fiction book, The Best of Enemies: Race And Redemption in the New South, the story follows civil rights activist Ann Atwater and KKK member turned civil rights activist C. P. Ellis as they develop an unlikely friendship and fight against hatred together.

If you are curious about discovering where this period piece was filmed, we’ve got you covered!

The captivating scenery for this movie was made up of various locations around Durham and throughout North Carolina that truly embodied the era’s feelings.

The film takes viewers on a grand journey through the times, allowing them to explore both past and present while watching their favorite characters confront oppressive issues.

Filming Locations

The Best of Enemies movie was filmed in the US, primarily in Georgia. The production started on May 22, 2017, and ended a few months later.

Although the story is set in Durham in the 1970s, the filmmakers chose to film in Georgia instead, thanks to its many attractive locations. Georgia has been nicknamed “Hollywood of the South” due to its scenic countryside and beautiful architecture and heritage which all make for an ideal filming location.

Plus, there is also an elaborate tax credit program offered by the state government which assisted in bringing production costs down and made filming easier for filmmakers.

So if you’re curious about where The Best of Enemies movie was filmed, it can be narrowed down to specific locations within Georgia. Each holds its impressive landscape set against what would eventually become some of the most memorable scenes from this incredible movie!

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia was the main filming location for The Best of Enemies movie, a movie about civil rights in the South. While much of the film took place in Atlanta itself, the production team also ventured out to other parts of the state as needed.

the best of enemies movie
Best Of Enemies In Georgia/ Source

The capital city of Georgia served as the epicenter for production and many scenes were filmed here in and around Atlanta, including spots like East Atlanta and College Park.

Here they found various period-appropriate homes for use in particular scenes. College Park, located near Atlanta International Airport, is also featured multiple times throughout the movie.

Overall, Atlanta and its surrounding areas provided all that was necessary to bring “The Best of Enemies” to life on screen. If you’re looking for a great film with a captivating story set in charming Southern scenery, this one should be at the top of your watch list!

Macon, Georgia

The beautiful southern city of Macon, Georgia was the perfect filming location for The Best of Enemies. This diverse town, known for its history and culture, is the setting for many sequences throughout this movie.

Macon City Hall was the go-to place for protests’ demonstrations in the movie and its features prominently in the background.

Located at 700 Poplar Street in downtown Macon across from Macon City Auditorium, this landmark spot hosted all manner of passionate protests during filming. Even a few streets around this area were temporarily shut down so that production could accurately recreate civil unrest!

Overall, Macon proved to be an excellent choice for The Best of Enemies movie with its old freeland charm which perfectly captures 1970s America.

Tucker, Georgia

Tucker, Georgia is the proud home of some very special filming locations for The Best of Enemies movie.

Tucker, Georgia/Source

The production unit visited American Legion Post 207 at 4127 Pine Valley Road to capture a few that were there. It served as a great backdrop to the story, but unfortunately, it has been permanently closed since 2019 due to a devastating fire.

This unique town left its mark and can serve as an inspiration for many filmmakers in the future that are looking for gorgeous filming locations. Tucker, Georgia has so much to offer and it’s no wonder that it was chosen as one of the main shooting sites!

Cartersville, Georgia

Cartersville, Georgia is the perfect location to film scenes for The Best of Enemies. This Bustling city in Bartow County is home to Ross’s Diner, a small eatery located on NorthWall Street. It was here where many important sequences were recorded for the movie.

Meanwhile, the elegant and historic red brick building at 135 West Cherokee Avenue in the city has also been used for filming purposes. It is known as the Bartow Country Courthouse and its classic Neoclassical architecture makes it a beautiful backdrop for this movie.

If you’re looking for a stunning location that captures all of the charms of southern life, then Cartersville, Georgia will not disappoint! Whether you’re shooting a movie or just visiting, this delightful city has plenty to offer.