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Mr. Right: Discover the Filming Location

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The movie Mr. Right was filmed in 2015. The story follows an over-optimistic young woman who discovers her new boyfriend is a former hitman.

Mr. Right was filmed at several stunning locations around the US. Most of the filming took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, where seven weeks were dedicated to bringing this star-studded movie to life.

Let’s take a look at Mr. Right real-life filming locations to relive the magic of this fantastic movie with New Orleans as well as other mesmerizing cities that feature in it.

Mr. Right Filming Location

When it comes to the filming of Mr. Right, stunning locations around the US are no strangers. New Orleans in Louisiana was where most of the movie was filmed, with a total dedicated seven weeks.

New Orleans, Louisiana/ Source

This star-studded movie was made completely thanks to its beautiful setting – which indeed gave it an added boost to its quality!

The scenery that was captured during the shooting was breathtaking and made viewers feel as if they were part of the film itself. From scenic streets and historic buildings in New Orleans to luscious countryside scenes – all of these made for an exciting adventure within just one movie!

Indeed, it is not hard to understand why Mr. Right came out on top due to its choice of the filming location. With that said, we are certainly looking forward to more incredible films from the great team behind this masterpiece!

Movie Plot

Mr. Right stars Anna Kendrick as Martha and Sam Rockwell as Francis – a couple that has an unlikely connection from the start. Martha is hyperactive, partying like a monster and not feeling too great about her recent breakup – until she meets Francis, who despite his unusual approach to bad news, intrigues her.

However, unbeknownst to Martha is that Francis is a professional assassin who starts receiving orders from shady clients. Things start moving quickly, bodies pile up and suddenly FBI agents are involved in the story. That’s when Martha has to decide if she should run away or join this mayhem with her partner-in-crime, such as it is.

It’s an exciting plot full of unexpected and thrilling turns. Mr. Right will leave you guessing until the bitter end!