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Movies About Mississippi: Discover The Best Films Set in the State

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Mississippi is the setting of some truly great films. Movies have been filmed and set in Mississippi that encompasses many genres, such as dramas, comedies, and action films.

From “In The Heat of the Night ” to  “Mississippi Burning”, there’s an incredible array of movies set in the Magnolia State. Whether it’s famous cities like Biloxi or Jackson on display or classic stories featuring ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, these quintessential Mississippi movies are worth checking out.

Mississippi Burning/ Source

With so many amazing movies to pick from – including several with the name of this Southern state in the title – you’ll find yourself torn between which ones deserve to make it to the top spots as the best films about Mississippi.

Get On Up

Get on Up is a critically-acclaimed biopic that showcases the life of James Brown. With Mississippi native, Tate Taylor, as director, an array of breathtaking locations from the state were used to represent important places in Brown’s life.

Get On Up/ Source

From the Mississippi Coliseum which stood in for Boston Garden and Thalia Mara Hall as the Paris Theatre in France to Dun Leith Historic Inn which was depicted as a 1940s country club, viewers are treated to gorgeous and sincere representations of various locations in New York, Ohio, Georgia and South Carolina.

Get On Up is right up there with some of the best movies set in Mississippi and worthy of being added to any movie buff’s must-watch list.

My Dog Skip

My Dog Skip is set in Mississippi and tells the story of Willie Morris and his beloved pup, Skip. The movie utilizes various locations throughout the state, but one of the most memorable scenes was shot at Greenwood Cemetery in Jackson.

My Dog Skip/ Source

This scene featured Willie and Skip spending a night next to the crypt of the Witch Of Yazoo – a fabricated structure created especially for the movie, which can now be seen in Canton Movie Museum!

Other notable Canton locations included the town square as well as a private residence representing Willie’s boyhood home. Fans of this inspiring tale won’t want to miss all thatMy Dog Skip has to offer!

Mississippi Burning

Mississippi Burning is an intense drama set in Mississippi during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Directed by Alan Parker, this gripping movie follows two FBI agents sent to investigate a missing persons case in a small town.

The agents, played by Willem Dafoe and Gene Hackman, clash over tactics as they come up against uncooperative local authorities and a fearful African American community.

Forced to take more extreme measures, they use hard-liner tactics to uncover the truth and bring justice to those responsible. With its powerful message about racial injustice and its exploration of the role that law enforcement can play in upholding morality, Mississippi Burning issue left its audience captivated.

True Blood

The hit show True Blood ironically filmed an amazing escape scene at Longwood Mansion in Natchez.

True Blood Logo/ Source

This huge and amazing home was built in 1860 but never finished until the outbreak of the Civil War. While all of the interior film shots were done on sets, this mansion still provides a beautiful backdrop for True Blood’s captivating escape sequence.

This mansion fits perfectly with the idea of the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington. Even with its unfinished status and limited access (due to being used as a private residence) it still showcases incredible grandeur that no other location could offer.

Longwood Mansion truly has become Mississippi’s synonym for vampires and civil war-era scenery, making it one of the best films set in Mississippi!

A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill is one of the most iconic movies set in Mississippi. It’s based on JohnGrisham’s first novel and the vast majority of it was filmed right here in the state. Most Notably, many scenes were shot around the city square and Madison County Courthouse In Canton.

The star-studded cast included Matthew McConaughey as the lawyer protagonist with other appearances by Sandra Bullock, Samuel L Jackson, Kevin Spacey, and more. You Can even visit Canton Movie Museum today to see sets that showed both legal office and diner scenes from the film. Plus, you’ll find a massive collection of props related to this cult classic movie!

Every Time a Bell Rings

Every Time a Bell Rings is a captivating Hallmark movie set in the beautiful state Mississippi. The story follows three sisters on an adventurous scavenger hunt planned by their late father.

The journey takes them to multiple iconic locations such as ‘Under the Hill’ district, leading up to the Mississippi River, Longwood, Smoot’s Grocery, The Butter Cakey, The Kitchen Bistro & Piano Bar, Under-the-Hill Saloon and Bluff Park band stand.

Each of these locations was carefully chosen to capture the true essence of Mississippi -a place rich with culture and stunning landscapes. Fans of classic Hallmark films will love watching this heartfelt journey through one of America’s most beloved states!

Christmas in Mississippi

Christmas in Mississippi is a heartwarming movie about the state of Mississippi. It was shot entirely on location in Gulfport, featuring locations such as Jones Park, the IslandView Casino’s beach tower, Fishbone Alley, Murky Waters, and Ship Island Excursions.

The plot follows a young woman who returns home to Gulfport for the holidays to plant the annual Gulfport Harbor Lights Winter Festival. Along the way, she learns important lessons about family, love, and following her dreams.

This touching movie allows viewers to explore a side of Mississippi many may not know much about and experience its culture first hand. Whether it’s a date night or family night, Christmas in Mississippi is sure to leave you with lasting memories.