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Mother’s Day Movie: Discover the Filming Location

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If you’ve seen Mother’s Day movie, you know how meaningful and heartfelt it was. Featuring superstars like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis, and Julia Roberts this romance-drama film is centered on a bunch of disparate people all dealing with varying parental issues.

Most of the movie was filmed in the beautiful city of Atlanta Georgia – from iconic buildings such as The Georgia State Capitol building to popular business centers in Downtown Atlanta and historic neighborhoods such as Grant Park and Little Five Points.

As mother’s day movie nears, these characters find themselves conflicted and try to grapple with the losses they experienced while learning to be better parents themselves.

Georgia State Capitol/ Source

If you can travel there before or during mother’s day 2021 (or any other time!), then it will surely give your watching experience an extra emotional boost!

Mother’s Day Movie Filming Location

The Mother’s Day movie was shot in Georgia. The primary filming for Mother’s Day movie took place primarily in Atlanta, which is fitting since the movie centers around characters living there.

The Garry Marshall-directed movie had a budget of $25 million and yielded successful global box office reception with a collection of $48.4 million.

Where in Atlanta was Mother’s Day movie filmed exactly?

Bradley’s house can be seen at 644 Linwood Avenue North East.

  • North Soccer Field 2 in Piedmont Park’s Active Oval Loop hosted the soccer training scene while State Farm Arena, located at 1 State Farm Drive, provided some amazing aerial views featured in the movie.
  • Norcross is another filming spot that saw action during Mother’s Day. The Railroad Crossing Café scene was filmed on South Peachtree Street while Lillian Webb Park (5 College Street North West) and part of College Street were used as well.
  • In Alpharetta 3000 Old Alabama Road Suite 128B housed Workout Anytime for some shots for Bradley’s gym and Sprouts Farmers Market (5130 Peachtree Parkway Suite 100)made an appearance too!
  • Jesse’s house featured in the movie can be found at 121 Wilton Drive Decatur, whereas Shorty’s Saloon which is an Irish pub called The Dunwoody Tavern stands tall on 5488 Chamblee Dunwoody Road Dunwoody not far away from Blueberry Hill Cemetery which is said to be historic Decatur Cemetery located at 229 Bell Street Decatur.

Movie Plot

The movie Mother’s Day tells the story of a group of seemingly unrelated people in Atlanta and their relationships with their mothers. At its center is Sandy, a divorced mother of two sons who must become accustomed to her ex-husband’s new wife.

Mother’s Day Movie/ Source

Along the way, she comes into contact with Bradley – a former Marine who lost his wife a year before – and his two daughters.

Mother’s Day Movie Characters Plot – In Brief

Kristin, who was adopted as an infant, has her daughter Katie and ponders marrying the father of her child, Zack. With encouragement from best friend Jesse, she embarks on a quest to meet her birth mother.

Meanwhile, Jesse and her sister Gabi confront the racism and homophobia they associate with their parents Earl and Florence. Though newfound tensions arise, they are eventually set aside when their parents surprise them one beautiful afternoon in Atlanta for Mother’s Day.

Miranda, an accomplished author, and TV personality reunites with Kristin who discovers that Miranda is her long-lost birth mother. To celebrate this momentous reunion and connect motherhood to marriage as well, Kristen publicly proposes to Zack on Miranda’s television show after which all three get married together in one ceremony.

Finally Sandy reunites with Bradley under peculiar but funny circumstances: Both find themselves at the hospital after Sandy’s younger son suffers an asthma attack while Bradley sustains a broken leg from an accident at his own Mother’s Day party!

What follows next is something you can only find out by watching this amazing movie!

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