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Where Was Mine 9 Filmed? Discover the Filming Location

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Are you a fan of the Netflix hit show Mine 9? Do you love learning about the fascinating film locations for your favorite shows?

The film “Mine 9” was partially shot at the Calico coal mine in Buchanan County, Virginia.

The mine served as an authentic setting for the exhilarating story of nine miners who become stuck after a mining accident and must escape before time and oxygen run out.

The film is based on several true mining tragedies that took place in the Appalachian region and features West Virginia native Kevin Sizemore, who performs as one of the lead actors.

So if you’re looking for a thrilling ride into the depths of a coal mine, where courage and determination will be tested to their limits, then look no further than Mine 9 – the movie that was filmed in the very same spot where it was inspired from!

Where was Mine 9 Filmed?

The independent feature film Mine 9 was filmed in various locations throughout rural West Virginia, which perfectly captures the atmosphere and setting of this intense story. The population of these towns is largely dependent on the local mine, and when you watch the film you’ll find yourself being taken two miles deep underground with the miners.

Appalachian Miners Trapped After Methane Explosion
Appalachian Miners Trapped After Methane Explosion/ Source

The movie sets and backgrounds were expertly crafted to bring viewers right into the heart of West Virginia’s coal mining operations. You can almost feel the darkness, danger, and isolation that these miners must face as they plunge further into unknown caves and tunnels.

When watching Mine 9, it’s easy to forget you’re not actually inside a functioning coal mine! Such was the level of realism achieved by shooting parts of the movie around this particular region. All in all, if you’re looking for a quality production portraying an honest representation of Appalachian coal miner life, you won’t want to miss Mine 9—filmed entirely on location in rural West Virginia!

Mine 9 Review

Mine 9 is an intense movie, depicting the events surrounding a collapsed coal mine and the nine men trapped inside with flooding and gas buildup. Eddie Mensore’s direction has created a gripping experience where viewers will witness how the miners muster their strength together to survive.

John Water In Mine 9
John Water In Mine 9 / Source

The film also highlights what goes on for those living in small-town mining communities and captures both the danger and resilience of the miners.

Throughout Mine 9, you’ll feel nothing but suspense as Mensore effectively maintains spatial relations throughout the film which results in a gripping simulation of what this ordeal must have felt like for these nine individuals. For all its emotional power, some clichéd components may take away from some of these moments.

The ending credits feature actual interviews with miners which further emphasize the resilience of these individuals but also showcase tragic fatalism which might not sit well with viewers – that dangerous conditions and lack of preparedness are ultimately seen as just “the way it is”.

Despite this, Mine 9 remains an interesting watch that captures some difficult moments in time that are worth seeing beyond predictable elements.