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Identical Love: Discover the Filming Location

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If you’re a fan of the drama series Identical Love, you’ll be delighted to know that the filming location for this show was none other than Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spain Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia!

This exquisite resort is the ideal backdrop for romance and adventure, as well as an incredibly picturesque location where you can truly appreciate the beauty of this area. The facilities here are luxurious and plentiful – from beach pools to lush tropical gardens.

There’s something for everyone here at Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa — whether it’s soaking up some sun by the pool or getting ready for a romantic evening stroll along the beach. It’s no wonder that this amazing resort was chosen as the backdrop for Identical Love!

Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort/ Source

Movie Synopsis

“Identical Love,” tells the story of Dr. Charlotte Hudson, a woman who has been left at the altar by her fiancé and decides to take an unorthodox approach to heal her broken heart -she signs up to volunteer in a health clinic located in a tropical country.

However, she unexpectedly runs into her ex-fiancé’s twin brother Seth when she arrives there. Despite his resemblance to his brother, Charlotte soon realizes that he is nothing like him and begins to have second thoughts about running away from all of her troubles.

As they journey together through the beautiful landscapes, their relationship deepens and they rediscover what love truly means and how it can bring light even in the darkest times.

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Our Review

Our review of Identical Love Movie is overwhelmingly positive. The film features stunning aerial shots of exotic islands, beautiful underwater shots with dolphins and whales, and a mesmerizing score that immerses viewers in the story. Mason D. Davis stands out as both twin brothers Elijah and Seth, providing a wonderfully realistic display of two conflicting personalities.

The movie follows the story of Charlotte (Shae Robins), a doctor devastated by her sudden wedding cancellation, who takes advantage of an offer to volunteer at Arianna Medical Centre abroad.

Aside from the medical staff she meets there, she is startled to find out that one of the miss Seth: her previous bridegroom’s identical twin brother! Feeling awkward around him yet strangely attracted to him at the same time, Charlotte slowly starts to see the good person he is underneath all that familial connection.

Her friendship with fellow doctor Maya Solis (Shona Kay) brings further enlightenment toward understanding her emotions for Seth and relationship advice when needed.

Character dynamics are excellent throughout the movie and truly bring it to life as you watch these characters grow emotionally on their journey together. Identical Love Movie is sure to tug your heartstrings and keep you entranced until the very end!