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House Party: Discover the Filming Location of the Classic Comedy

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For any fans of the classic 1990 comedy movie, House Party, HBO Max has recently released a new remake directed by Calmatic. The movie features a hilarious ensemble of Tosin Cole, Jacob Latimore, Allen Maldonado, Tamera Kissen, and DC Young Fly.

The story follows a high school student who takes advantage of his parents leaving him home alone to host a wild and fun house party. But one of the most interesting aspects that viewers will especially appreciate is discovering the filming location for the comedy classic!

The crew ventured around different states including New York and California to portray the appropriate aesthetic by bringing urban landscapes and downtown alleys alive in the film. From graffiti-covered walls to colorful city lights – all these visuals help tie in with the upbeat pace of this lighthearted movie.

Filming Locations

The ‘House Party’ remake was filmed across California and Georgia, particularly in Los Angeles County and Atlanta. Production on the movie began in July 2021 but had to be temporarily halted due to a few members of the production staff testing positive for COVID-19. However, after taking a break, filming soon resumed and managed to wrap up by late September of the same year.

It comes as no surprise that locales from the original movie were used to make this remake an accurate representation of it. As such, let’s explore some of the specific places that are featured within the movie as part of its filming locations! From Atlanta’s Stone Mountain Park to Los Angeles County’s Paramount Ranch – there is so much for fans to enjoy. House Party is sure to bring anyone who watches it back into the classic era – so what are you waiting for? Join the party!

Los Angeles County, California

Los Angeles County, California is a mecca for filmmakers looking to capture the perfect scenes. It was no different for the remake of House Party as they set up camp in South Central Los Angeles and were able to take advantage of the Hollywood neighborhood to record important sequences.

The vast and varied landscapes found in Los Angeles County have allowed many other producers to make numerous movies and TV shows over the years. From Fight Club, Back to the Future, and Grace and Frankie, each has managed to take successful advantage of what Los Angeles County has been able to offer them in terms of scenery.

Whether you’re a fan of House Party or not, it’s hard not to be impressed with how much Los Angeles County has been used as a filming site throughout Hollywood’s history.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is a beautiful filming destination for many productions. With its distinct topography of lush greenery and rolling hills, combined with the densest urban tree coverage in all of the U.S., Atlanta provides a pleasant backdrop for various movies. For example, ‘House Party’ was shot here too, along with box-office hits like ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’, ‘Jurassic World Dominion’, and ‘Ms. Marvel’.

Because of its lovely landscapes and cinematography potential, Atlanta continues to be chosen as a prime spot for filming in recent years. Thus, it attracts both local and international production teams who are eager to capture the amazing atmosphere that only this city can provide!

3 Interesting Facts About ‘House Party

1. Will Smith could have starred in House Party

Will Smith and Jeff Townes were almost cast as leads in the classic ’90s comedy House Party before Kid ‘n Play. It all started with DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s hit song “A Nightmare on My Street.”

Smith and Suicide Squad co-star Margot Robbie in 2016
Smith and Suicide Squad co-star Margot Robbie in 2016/ Source

Because of legal problems with sampling music from A Nightmare on Elm Street, the pair was given the House Party script instead. 

Smith and Townes, however, chose to move on to other projects after reading it, leaving it open for Kid ‘n Play to take it on.

2. A.J. Johnson and Tisha Campbell can still perform the House Party Dance

A.J. Johnson and Tisha Campbell can still rock the ground with the House Party routine. The iconic duo recreated their House Parties dance in 2015 as a surprise for Alicia Keys’s birthday celebration, which theme was based on the 1989 hit movie in which they starred.

The sequence is surprisingly complex, and consists of several flips, jumps, twirls, and spins that were flawlessly executed by Johnson and Campbell at the party. As demonstrated recently, after almost 25 years since the release of the movie, these actors not only have preserved the moves but also their enthusiasm for their characters’ classic routines!

3. The Hudlin brothers make an appearance in House Party

The Hudlin brothers, Reginald and Warrington, show up in the ‘House Party movie. They make an appearance as two burglars that get chased out of the house by a guard dog. You can easily recognize them – they are one of the few actors with on-screen appearances in the film.

And adding to this fun fact, Warrington Hudlin is a producer on the movie too! So you could say that it’s truly a family affair when it comes to the ‘House Party’.