Fred Astaire’s Age in the Classic Film ‘Funny Face’

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Fred Astaire has captivated viewers around the world for decades in classic films such as “Top Hat,” “Bunny Lake Is Missing,” and “Holiday Inn.” One of his career highlights was starring opposite Audrey Hepburn in 1957’s “Funny Face”.

Fred Astaire was an icon in the dance world. He’s been referenced in modern movies and continues to influence young dancers today. But how old was he when he filmed “Funny Face”?

Fred Astaire was the star of the classic 1957 American musical romantic comedy film ‘Funny Face’. At the time, Fred Astaire was 58 years of age when making this wonderful classic with Audrey Hepburn and Kay Thompson.

How Old Was Fred Astaire In Funny Face?

Fred Astaire was 58 years old when he starred in the beloved 1957 American musical romantic comedy film ‘Funny Face’. In case you haven’t seen it, ‘Funny Face’ featured Audrey Hepburn and Kay Thompson alongside Fred Astaire.

Fred Astaire In Funny Face Movie/ Source

At 58 years of age, Fred Astaire delivered a remarkable performance in this classic movie. He proved that despite his age, he is still capable to perform as a dancer and actor with wit and charm.

It is also quite remarkable that as a 58-year-old, Fred Astaire could dance with such grace and passion. This really makes one wonder how talented he was! All in all, this timeless movie ‘Funny Face’ reminds us again how amazing Fred Astaire was during his time –even at his advanced age of 58!

Top 5 Fred Astaire Films

1. Swing Time

Astaire stars as John “Lucky” Garnett, a professional dancer and lifelong gambler. His sixth movie to pair him opposite Ginger Rogers, Swing Time contains some of the best and most technically complex dances they have ever done together.

Swing Time
Swing Time/ Source

The plot follows Lucky on the day that he’s supposed to get married – mischievously tricked by his fellow dancers into missing his ceremony – further complicating matters with Margaret’s father who is not so understanding when Lucky shows up late.

With intricate choreography and an entertaining story, Swing Time is sure to never disappoint.

2. The Band Wagon

Fred Astaire and Adele Astaire teamed up once again in The Band Wagon, a classic musical inspired by their last Broadway show of the same name. Although the movie doesn’t strictly follow the sketches presented on stage, some familiar songs still make it into the film—including a beautiful instrumental version of “Dancing in the Dark.”

The Band Wagon
The Band Wagon/ Source

At the time of filming, Fred was 57 and Adele was 49 years old, aging gracefully as they continued to dance together. These two had an incomparable chemistry throughout all these performances, truly exemplifying why they are legends in their field.

Fans can be sure that this classic movie captures an important moment in time for these dancers—as they took the center stage together once more.

3. Shall We Dance

Coming in at number three on the list of top five Fred Astaire films is the classic Shall We Dance.

Starring alongside his beloved dance partner, Ginger Rogers, the two embark on an adventure set against the backdrop of Broadway and Ballet.

Shall We Dance/ Source

Astaire plays Pete Peters. He develops a crush on another performer, tap dancer Linda Keene (Rogers), and decides to buy a ticket to hop on board the same boat returning that she’s traveling back to NYC on – all to get to know her better.

Their love story is remembered fondly by their many fans and is unique for its complicated plot involving rumors that they are secretly married. All in all, Shall We Dance Is a perfect reminder of why Fred Astaire was so incredibly famous for his dancing talents- it’s worth checking out if you have yet to see it!

4. Easter Parade

Next on the list of Fred Astaire’s top films is Holiday Inn, a classic musical comedy. Set in 1942, Fred plays Jim Hardy, who, after a falling out with his dance partner (played by Virginia Dale), turns his attention to running an inn that is only open on holidays.

Easter Parade/ Source

His plane hits a snag when he meets Linda Mason (Marjorie Reynolds), a stunning singer–dancer who captures his heart and forces him to reevaluate his plans for the inn.

This film also features Bing Crosby as Jim’s nemesis Ted Hanover, along with iconic performances of Irving Berlin classics such as “White Christmas” and “Easter Parade”. A must-see for any fan of classic musicals, Holiday Inn is one of Fred Astaire’s best.

5. Holiday Inn

One of Fred Astaire’s top films is “Holiday Inn,” whose set featured a toe-tapping score composed by Irving Berlin. This movie was the first in which it introduced the Christmas classics “White Christmas” and “Happy Holidays.”

The plot revolves around Ted Hanover(played by Fred) and Jim Hardy (played by Bing Crosby), who is part of a popular nightclub act in New York City, with Jim as the singer and Ted and his fiancée Lila acting as the dancing partners. Holiday Inn is popularized among fans because of its famous music and unforgettable performances by both Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby.