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Uncover the Stunning Sets of the Acclaimed TV Series ‘Rise’

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Are you a fan of the hit show ‘Rise’? Rise is an inspiring biographical sports drama movie based on the Antetokounmpo family’s journey to success within the NBA.

Check out the YouTube trailer HERE.

What’s TV Series Rise about?

This film follows their story as they work together to make ends meet in their new city and earn money by selling souvenirs to tourists. When opportunity knocks on their door, they take advantage as they hit the public basketball courts and discover their surprising talents. They soon set out to pursue their dreams of playing in the NBA with the help of a talent agent.

But have you ever wondered about the actual locations where this incredible true story takes place?

If you’re intrigued and want to know more, we can tell you that many of the scenes were filmed in different areas around Greece!

For example, some of the basketball court scenes are shot at Megara Central Court Basketball Stadium and also at Ilisiako Station Complex Syntagma Square.

Other parts like Greece’s capital Athens, Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, and the unique Athens Town Hall Megaron Agias Filotheis have also been seen in this movie. So if you’ve watched ‘Rise’ and wanted to visit any of these places for yourself, now you know where to start!

Show Rise Filming Locations

Rise was filmed in both the United States and Greece with principal photography commencing in May 2021.

In the United States, filming locations include Los Angeles and New York City. The show was filmed in Los Angeles at various locations including Universal Studios, Culver City, and Venice Beach. In New York City, filming locations included Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Coney Island.

In Greece, the filming took place in Athens while the United States locations included Wisconsin and New York. Since most of the storyline is set in Greece, it made perfect sense for production to choose a European country for filming, adding an element of authenticity to the biographical film.

Now let’s explore the journey that created Rise as we take a closer look at some of the specific locations chosen for film recordings.

From New York to Athens in Greece, each location adds to the atmosphere that makes up Rise. Wherever you decide to watch this inspiring movie, you can be sure that it was filmed in some incredible places all around two different countries!

Rise In Brooklyn, New York

New York City is often known for its diverse and ever-changing neighborhoods, and Brooklyn is no exception. This borough of the city has attracted people from around the country as well as from foreign countries, creating a globally infused-cosmopolitan ambiance.

This vibrant destination even served as the backdrop for many noteworthy films, like ‘The Departed,’ ‘Margin Call,’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire.’ The hit show ‘Rise’ was one of the latest projects filmed in Brooklyn, drawing on its dynamic atmosphere to set the tone of this much-loved series.

If you’re looking to visit a place that radiates culture, internationalism, and inspiration, then Brooklyn should certainly be your first stop!

Rise In Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece is the filming location of the popular show “Rise”. As the capital and largest city in Greece, it’s no surprise why the production team chose to shoot pivotal scenes here. Their filming took place in Monastiraki Square, located in the neighborhood of Monastiraki.

Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece/Source

This area was closed down to customers while filming was ongoing and additional security measures were implemented around the neighborhood to keep fans away.

The iconic architecture and beautiful scenery of Athens made it an ideal filming location for this hit show. It’s no wonder why viewers are so captivated by this series; with such amazing visuals, it’s hard not to be!