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Experience Winter In Vail: The Filming Location of the Hit Movie

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Are you a movie buff looking for the next place to visit? Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “Wow, that looks so beautiful – I wish I could see it in real life?” If so, read on!

One of the most picturesque winter landscapes captured on film has been Vail, Colorado. This idyllic village is a favorite spot among Hollywood directors and has been the backdrop of iconic movies.

It was shot in Vail, Colorado, at Lionshead Village, Alderhof Ice Rink, Bridge Street and Mt Norquay, as well as Banff, Alberta, at the Azuridge Estate Hotel and Italian Farmhouse Ristorante.

Take a stroll through the pedestrianized streets of Vail where Chelsea (Lacey Chabert) discovers her inherited lodge. Immerse yourself in local activities such as skiing and snowboarding while taking in the scenic views of mountains and other alpine attractions.

Of course, don’t forget Owen (Tyler Hunes) who helps Chelsea learn to navigate through this new life away from her old job in the city! Indulge your taste buds with an original strudel recipe and at last, you’ll experience winter in Vail!

Winter In Vail Filming Locations

You’ll be able to go to the real-life filming locations of the hit Hallmark movie, Winter in Vail if you want to feel winter as seen in the film!

This film is full of breathtaking views of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and Canada’s Canadian Rockies during a beautiful winter, from Mt. Norquay in Banff National Park to the Azuridge Estate Hotel – and of course, all over Vail Village, Square, Lionshead Village, and Bridge Street.

Tyler Hynes told the Hallmark Channels’ Bubbly Sesh podcast that it was refreshing for the cast to wear cozy winter gear and enjoy in actual snow for this film – rather than heating up on an out-of-season shoot!

When you get there you can even find the place where they did enjoy one of their favorite scenes – drinking hot chocolate and indulging in strudel. So come explore the real winter wonderland featured in the popular Hallmark movie Winter In Vail!

Vail main street

Bridge Street is the iconic Vail main street showcased in the hit film Winter in Vail. 

This beautiful location is named after the bridge seen in the early sequence of Chelsea driving into town.

Vail is made up of three pedestrianized villages: Vail Village, West Vail, and Lionshead. These regions often provide car-free entry to visitors and residents alike while remaining connected and available via a gondola which serves as easy access to the slopes.

Bridge Street in Vail is worth a visit if you want to encounter some of the magic that was created during filming!

The Gondola

Experience the iconic gondola when you visit Vail during winter. It was used as the background for the hit movie, giving viewers a glimpse of how beautiful the scenery can be in this Colorado ski resort.

Gondola Ride In Vail/ Source

The actual filming location of the gondola scene was Mt Norquay in Banff National Park, Alberta. The mountain has been popular with skiers for over ninety years and it’s easy to see why! The views are stunning and surrounded by snow-capped peaks that make it just as amazing as any ski resort in Colorado.

To get out into nature, explore Banff National Park. After all, this is Canada’s very first national park established way back in 1885, and its vastness gives you plenty of opportunity to take some incredible winter photographs or even grab some hot chocolate from one of the cozy cafés located here!

Vail ice rink

The Vail ice rink is located in Lion’s Head Village and it is a sight to behold. The Alderhof Ice Rink, otherwise known as the Winter in Vail ice rink, has been an attraction for locals and tourists alike for many years now.

Chelsea and Owen, the two main characters of the hit movie “Winter in Vail” were lucky enough to experience what it was like to skate on the rink and have some hot chocolate right beside it! What could be more romantic than that?

The ice rink is open only during winter times, making it ideal for those who want to experience true winter activities such as ice skating and sleigh rides. If you’re looking for something fun, adventurous, and romantic to do with your loved one this winter then consider heading out to the Vail ice rink – you won’t regret it!

The Sebastian

The Sebastian, the hot new Hallmark movie, was filmed at the beautiful Azuridge Estate Hotel in Alberta. And one of the highlights of this film was its signature hot chocolate, which Chelsea and Owen enjoy around a cozy fireside.

Azuridge Estate Hotel, Alberta/ Source

This signature beverage transports you to Vail, Colorado, with gold-dusted chocolate spheres—the finishing touch that Chelsea mentions later in the film.

But don’t worry you can still experience this recipe for yourself right here in Vail! Sebastian’s Signature Hot Chocolate is sure to keep you warm during those wintry winter days-just as it did for our two leading lovebirds. So come experience winter in Vail, just like they did, and create some special memories of your own!

Edelweiss restaurant

Explore the beautiful Edelweiss Mountain Top restaurant, the Italian Farmhouse where scenes from the hit film “Winter In Vail” were filmed.

And now it’s a well-known filming location!

Edelweiss restaurant/ Source

The Italian Farmhouse Ristorante and Bar is only just a few miles from the Azuridge Estate Hotel, where scenes from the film The Sebastian were shot. 

After her Uncle’s death, Lacey Chabert’s character Chelsea was forced to go trying to search for a long-lost recipe of her Uncle’s popular Strudel.

Strudel fest

Although there is no official Strudelfest in Vail, the ski resort is well-known for its Bavarian style. village still offers delicious Apple Strudels as part of its signature German cuisine. Known for its Octoberfest celebrations serving up all sorts of traditional Alpine food, Vail is a great place to experience some of the world’s best strudel!

Many of the neighborhood restaurants serve up these tasty treats and make sure not to miss out on this specialty. So when you’re looking for a sweet treat while visiting this winter wonderland, don’t forget to order some apple strudel and embrace your inner oom-pah-pah!