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20 Ariana Grande Fun Facts: You Never Know

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Are you an avid fan of Ariana Grande? If you are, then you already know the lyrics to every one of her songs! But do you consider yourself to be a true Ariana Grande fan? To prove that you’re a true-blue Arianator, test your knowledge with our collection of 20 fun facts about the talented pop singer.

Did you know that she was the first female artist to have three songs debut in the top three positions on the Billboard Hot 100 chart? Or how about that she holds multiple Guinness World Records and has earned five Grammy nominations so far?

For more amazing trivia on Ariana Grande, check out this list of 20 fun facts about her. With these little nuggets of information, put your fandom to the test and discover if you are an Arianator through and through!

1. She owns 9 dogs

Ariana Grande sure loves her furry friends. She has a whopping nine dogs, with exotic and unique names like Cinnamon, Fawkes, Coco, Ophelia, Toulouse, Strauss, Sirius, Lafayette, and Pignoli. What’s more: all of her pups are rescues!

Ariana Grande With Her Pet Dogs/ Source

So not only is Ariana an incredible musician and star – but she also has a huge heart for animals in need.

2. She is a fan of Harry Potter

Ariana Grande is an undeniable lover of the Harry Potter universe. Not only did she name her black pup after Sirius Black – one of the series’ defining characters – but she has also professed her admiration for the magical world on more than one occasion. She often tweets about it and has stated that she can quote large parts of books and movies.

In addition, Ariana dressed up as Hermione Granger for Halloween in 2018 and even shared a “Hedwig’s theme” performance with James Corden on The Late Late Show. It’s clear to see that she loves the Harry Potter franchise, which is why it should come as no surprise that her pet shares a famous wizardly dame.

3. She never made it into her school choir

Ariana Grande may be a world-famous singer now, but before she was gracing the stages of arenas, she never actually made it into her school choir. While they all thought it would be a missed opportunity to have her in their ranks, it ultimately ended up being a blessing in disguise as her drive to pursue music flourished once she left school.

Grande soon began training in voice and acting at the age of 13, and the rest is history. She sang for Joey Mcintyre from NKOTB during their tour and skyrocketed to mega fame with her hit single “The Way.” Since then, Ariana has sold millions of albums, received Grammy nominations, and become one of pop music’s biggest sensations. So perhaps not making it into the choir wasn’t such a bad thing after all!

4. She is just 5’2!

Ariana Grande is a force of nature, with her powerhouse vocals and energetic performances. But one thing that’s often overlooked is just how tiny she is! Standing at 5 foot 2, Ariana is significantly shorter than many of her peers, including best friend Taylor Swift.

It may not come as a surprise to discover that she got her big break in acting because of this; playing Cat Valentine on the hit show Victorious. Although her character was meant to be taller than Cat, they specifically cast Ariana because of her smaller frame.

This petite size has become a trademark for Ariana, who often flashes it during live performances or when posing for red carpet-pictures. And if you were ever wondering why she can seem so much brighter and more vibrant in concerts than other artists? Well, credit her diminutive size for that one!

5. Her hair is not straight

Ariana Grande’s hair may appear to be perfectly straight all the time, but it isn’t her natural look! Her real hairstyle is curly and can be seen up close – it’s a style transition made easier by touch-ups. What is even more impressive is that she often styles her hair for TV appearances and music videos too!

Seeing the before and after photos of Ariana shows off just how skilled this pop superstar is when it comes to styling her hair, as well as how much effort she puts into changing up her looks throughout the years. Whether wearing it curly or straight, one thing remains true – Ariana always looks amazing no matter what hairstyle she chooses.

6. She has a sibling who is also interested in show business

Did you know that scholastic showbiz runs in the family of Ariana Grande? It’s true! She has an older half-brother named Frankie Grande who is a musical theater actor and producer. In addition to being her brother, Frankie is an avid lover of show business which makes sense knowing that Ariana is so successful in the field.

For those who may not know, Ariana’s career includes acting and singing. Though she started her career as an actress at a young age, she became popular after she released her debut album Yours Truly in 2013. She has since then released five more albums and become one of the biggest names in contemporary pop music. It’s no wonder why brother Frankie loves showbiz just like her!

7. Ariana’s name was inspired by a cat named Felix

Ariana Grande’s parents had quite an interesting way of choosing her name! They were inspired by the character Princess Oriana from Felix the Cat. This might come as a surprise to some, considering that Ariana is allergic to cats! Still, her parents decided to carry on with the name and chose “Ariana” instead of “Oriana”.

Either way, Ariana Grande has her unique name, thanks to Mommy and Daddy Grande who chose it for her when she was born! It’s just one of the many fun facts about this singer that you may not have known before — and now you do!

8. She was born with the Mediterranean blood

Ariana Grande is proof that sometimes beauty comes from unexpected places! With her big brown eyes and beautiful dark curls, Ariana was born with the Mediterranean blood of both Sicilian and Abruzzese ancestry running through her veins. While she was raised in Florida, her heritage runs deep, making her a truly unique performer with a sound all her own.

It’s no wonder why fans have fallen head-over-heels for Ariana – there’s something undeniably sexy and exotic about the way she carries herself onstage. Listen to her hit single “Dangerous Woman” and you’ll experience it firsthand! This star has certainly made waves in pop culture with her unique Mediterranean flair.

9. A terrorist attack occurred at one of Ariana Grande’s concerts

Ariana Grande has been hailed as an inspiring champion of feminism and a role model to her many adoring fans. This is one of the reasons why Ariana’s commitment to creating a strong voice for young women everywhere has earned widespread admiration.

In the wake of the devastating attack that took place in Manchester in 2017, she demonstrated exemplary strength and courage. Following this tragedy, Ariana organized a benefit concert in honor of the victims, raising over £17 million for emergency services.

Her show of solidarity with those affected by this heartbreaking event demonstrates her commitment to creating positive change and showing compassion in times of hardship – traits that make her an inspirational symbol of feminism and an embodiment of strength to millions around the world.

10. Her name is real

Ariana Grande is not just a stage name; it’s her real name! Born Ariana Grande-Butera in 1993, she comes from a proud family with her dad being Ed Butera and her mom being Joan Grande. It’s legit— that name has been used for generations throughout their family.

So next time you hear the name Ariana Grande, remember it is more than an artist’s pen name – it’s an actual part of her identity!

11. She is a Nickelodeon teen idol

Ariana Grande is no stranger to the world of Nickelodeon. She first made her mark on the network when she landed a role in the hit show Victorious as Cat Valentine in 2010. This was where she got her big break as an actress and it jumpstarted her young career.

Ariana Grande In Victorious/ Source

Not only did she move on to further diversify her talents in TV and film, but also music; both as a singer and songwriter. Her time as a cast member of the show provided many great memories for Ariana and helped shape who she is today.

12. Her Mom Is A CEO

Ariana Grande’s mother, Joan Grande, is the CEO of the Florida-based company Hose-McCann Communications. The Grande family purchased the company in 1964.

Ariana Grande With Her Mother/ Source

13. She began her career in the Youth Theatre

Ariana Grande got her start on the stage when she was still a young girl, performing with Little Palm Theater, a children’s theatre group in Boca Raton, Florida. She also sang with Kids Who Care, an organization that put on benefit shows for charity organizations around town.

With her natural talent and eye-catching charisma, it wasn’t long before she soared onto the big stage and captivated millions with her unique vocals and signature style. Even though Grande started as a child performer in local theatres, notoriety soon came her way as she continued to hone her craft and continue to give electrifying performances.

Her determination and passion for the art of performing have truly paid off today—Grande is now one of the most popular singers in music history!

14. She has been sued numerous times

Ariana Grande has had more than a few legal issues. She’s been taken to court several times over some of her songs since she first debuted, with multiple claims that her songwriting has infringed on other artists’ intellectual property.

While the courts may not always agree in her favor, this is a testament to Grande’s relentless hard work and dedication to making music that resonates with audiences around the world — even if it lands her in a courtroom from time to time.

15. She wears her ponytail for a reason

Ariana Grande rocks that signature long ponytail look and everyone knows why. In a 2018 Facebook post, Grande revealed the reason she wears the ponytail all the time—it has little to do with style and mostly to do with function.

Ariana Grande Wearing A Pony Tail/ Source

She explains that her hair is constantly damaged due to all of her coloring on Nickelodeon and that it would just looks ratchet when she lets it down.

So now you know why Grande rocks that ponytail so much, it’s because she has to keep her hair looking its best!

16. Almost everyone follows her on Instagram

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest stars in the world and it shows on Instagram. As of September 2018, her account was listed as having the third-most followed personal Instagram account. With an incredible 131 million followers, she ranks even higher than superstars such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift! It’s amazing how this powerful superstar has captured the hearts (and follows) of almost everyone out there.

Her most-liked Instagram post ever was dedicated to her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller when he passed away in 2018 – the picture got an amazing 12.7 million likes! Although times have been tough for Grande, her followers continue to show their support by liking her posts and following her every move. When it comes to social media, Ariana Grande truly is a powerhouse!

17. On The Ice, she made her first televised performance

Ariana Grande’s career has skyrocketed since her breakthrough in the music world, but did you know that she had an interesting start as a singer? As it turns out, her first televised performance came right on the ice!

At 8 or 9 years old, Grande took to the ice rink to perform the national anthem before a 2002 Florida Panthers game. Although her voice wasn’t quite as powerful back then, her sweet and melodic tunes could still be heard at center ice.

With each passing year, Grande’s talent continued to develop and evolve – now she’s one of the biggest names in pop music today! But we can all smile when thinking of how far she’s come from her first musical debut on the ice rink.

18. Her tattoos tell some interesting stories

Ariana Grande has a ton of tattoos and each one has some sweet story behind it. One of her tats is the Italian word “Bellissima” on her ribs.

She said this was because it was always what her grandpa referred to her as! Another tattoo she got is “8418” inked on her foot, in honor of Pete Davidson’s dad, who was a firefighter who died on 9/11.

That number was his badge number, and Grande paid homage to Davidson’s father with that tattoo. It’s so special that she decided to pay tribute in such an intimate way by getting a tattoo!

19. She Renounced Catholicism Due to LGBTQ Rights

Ariana Grande chose to give up on Catholicism due to its lack of acceptance concerning LGBTQ rights. This was made clear in 2014 when she revealed that the church’s views on homosexuality had led her away from that religion. Her brother, Frankie Grande, being a homosexual himself made Ariana and her brother follow Kabbalah instead.

This bold move came from how important Ariana considers issues such as LGBTQ rights. She is aware of the struggles her brother has gone through due to homophobia and has chosen to accept him for who he is without the pressure of religious teachings or faith-based beliefs. Ariana stands for what she believes in and proves it with her uncompromising commitment to LGBTQ rights and equality.

20. She’s Known As A Feminist Champion

Ariana Grande has been praised as a champion of feminism throughout her career. In 2016, E! Magazine dubbed her a “feminist hero” in recognition of the strong and inspirational public stances she’d taken.

Just a year earlier, Ariana went on record to call out the media for their double standard when it comes to female artists, lamenting that more attention was often given to romantic relationships rather than her music.

As someone who stands up for what she believes in and who never gets swayed by societal pressures, Ariana has become an emblem of progressive values and feminist ideas, paving the way for other women to follow suit. Her fight for gender equality and respect goes beyond industry boundaries and makes her a true role model for many young girls everywhere.