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10 Amazing Harry Potter Fun Facts You Had No Clue About

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If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, here we come with 10 fascinating harry potter fun facts you never knew about!

Since its release in 1997, Harry Potter has enthralled people worldwide. The beautiful location of Hogwarts, the strong and brave characters, and Harry Potter’s thrilling adventures have all combined to produce one of the most popular movies in history.

But no matter how much you think you know, there are always more interesting Harry Potter fun facts to discover. So, here we go!

Fun Fact #1: J. K. Rowling was approached to play Harry’s mother

The role of Harry’s mom, Lily, was offered to none other than the writer of this famous novel turned movie. But J. K. Rowling turned it down by saying she was meant to be a writer, not an actor.

harry potter fun facts

Fun Fact #2: Harry Potter was written in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh inspired writer J. K. Rowling to work on Harry Potter books, and she spent hours in the cafés of Edinburgh while juggling her Harry Potter book writing.

Fun Fact #3: The magic spells of Harry Potter are Latin

All the magic spells in Harry Potter are taken from the Latin language. Just like the magic spell ‘Lumos,’ which means light in Latin.

harry potter fun facts

Fun Fact #4: K. Rowling and Harry Potter were born on the same day

J.K. Rowling’s life got many similarities to the Harry Potter series. Like her birthday, Harry Potter’s birthday falls on the same day, July 31.

harry potter fun facts

Fun Fact #5: Fake newspapers were printed especially for Harry Potter

All the props for the Harry Potter series were designed by a prop-making company called MinaLima, including its fake newspaper, which looked real in the Harry Potter films.

Fun Fact #6: Harry Potter films use specially trained owls

The Harry Potter series has eight films with hundreds of characters. But there are only 14 people who had their roles repeated throughout the series, including the lead actors from the movies, such as Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, etc.

Fun Fact #7: 14 people appeared in all the Harry Potter movies

The Harry Potter series has eight films with hundreds of characters. But there are only 14 people who had their roles repeated throughout the series, including the lead actors from the movies, such as Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, etc.

harry potter fun facts

Fun Fact #8: Harry’s eye color in the movie differs from the book.

His eye color is described as green in the book, but Harry’s eye color is blue in the movie. The filmmakers made this discrepancy between the book and the movie deliberately.

They felt that blue eyes would make Harry look more like a “hero” and would be more visually appealing.

However, despite this change, the character of Harry Potter still remained the same. He was still brave and determined, and his relationships with his friends and family remained the same.

Ultimately, the change in eye color didn’t affect the story in any meaningful way, and the fans of the book still enjoyed the movie.

Fun Fact #9: Special kinds of brooms were used in Harry Potter

The brooms had to appear with VFX editing and special effects, so the production needed thin and incredibly durable brooms for the Harry Potter series.

As a result, the brooms used for the Harry Potter series were specially designed for production. They were made of lightweight yet incredibly durable materials to withstand the editing, special effects, and stunts that the actors had to perform.

The production team worked with various local and international artisans to create the perfect broom for the series. Each broom was crafted with the utmost attention to detail, taking into account the unique magical abilities of the characters and the dramatic scenes for which the brooms would be used.

Fun Fact #10: Harry Potter plants have real names.

The plant names used in Harry Potter were real, such as gourdwork, mugwort, and flax seed, from a 17th-century book written by English botanist Nicholas Culpeper.

The plants have magical properties in the Harry Potter universe, such as mugwort being an ingredient in the Draught of Living Death and gourdwork being a key ingredient in Felix Felicis. Gourdwork also has the power to burst into flames when it is thrown on the ground.

Flax seed, meanwhile, is used to make Polyjuice Potion, as well as to make the Philosopher’s Stone.

In addition to being used in potions, the plants have other magical uses, such as gourdwork for divination and flax seed for healing.


Since the release of Harry Potter in 1997, the wizarding world has become one of the most successful and famous franchises ever. So for the strong fanbase of the Harry Potter Franchises, we write 10 fascinating Harry Potter fun facts that make your day. Hope you enjoyed our article on Harry Potter fun facts.